regardless of what you know.
regardless of what you don’t know.
regardless of what you don’t see.
regardless of what you see but don’t understand.
regardless of what you want happen but doesn’t.
regardless of what you think shouldn’t happen but does.
regardless of what you disagree with.
regardless of your fear.
regardless of what effort you give.
regardless of what never seems sure.
regardless of what your heart says is true (because it lies. a lot).
regardless of what you think is unsafe.
regardless of how shaky the future feels.
to give Him your life completely and in faith trust God regardless of what He brings… is so hard.
faith is always the scariest. there is always an unknown part.
faith requires that you don’t know all of it at the start. and sometimes you won’t know at the finish either.
To Be Honest...


One thing I’ve found is that as a woman who enjoys reading blogs, that there is a plethora of lovely and beautiful blogs to wade through for all topics woman, especially Christian blogs. There is this great tribe of wifey-mommy-women who write all these magnificent things that I enjoy reading and am truly encouraged spiritually by the lessons they learn.

But I have a few issues with these blogs that make me at times very unable to relate sometimes:

I’m not a pastor’s wife. I’m not a military wife. I’m not a wife, at all.
I’m not a mom.
I don’t home school (unless training my dog counts).
I don’t sew or thrift or make my own clothes.
I don’t own a house to decorate all cute anymore… All of my possessions fit in one room.
I’m not a photographer.
I don’t particularly enjoy traveling.
I wear exercise clothes a lot, but don’t really exercise on the regular.
My version of “cooking” is making a pizza with naan bread.
I’m not a biblical scholar or a trained writer.
I don’t have a steady career or a Roth 401k or whatever like everyone says you’re supposed to by the time you hit 30.
Real talk: I pay my bills on time, but I’m barely financially stable.

So, where’s the blog for MY tribe?

–>For the not-so-twenty-something that took a leap of faith and gave up everything she had to start over and follow a vision that may end up being a complete failure.

–>For the so-called “good Christian girl” (hah.) who waited around for a husband before she felt she could be qualified to “start life as an adult” (hah.), only to be basically in the same spot as she was ten years ago- still husbandless- but toss in some gray hairs and more debt.

–>For the woman whose future is not ahead of her, but has already arrived- and is completely lost and a lot overwhelmed because she feels (and is) totally unprepared so she’s clinging to Jesus because that’s the only thing that isn’t changing.

–>For the woman who loves Jesus and is trying to figure out what that means in her life, because so far life hasn’t looked anything like she expected… and is learning not to just be okay with it, but to love it.

Well, I couldn’t really find one of those. So I decided to write it myself.
If this is you too, welcome. I hope you find solace here.