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Hey! I’m Julia. In 2014, I traded South Carolina bow ties and flip flops for Texas belt buckles and cowboy boots. It’s been a huge change that’s often been way more than I bargained for, but God has taught me more than I could have imagined and continues to surprise me with His faithfulness.

Gleaning is a term in the Bible that is used when describing when farmers would harvest their crops, they would leave a certain amount of their crops behind for the poor to gather up. This concept reminds me of how the Lord teaches us throughout our life. As we walk through the field, He provides us with bits of knowledge along the way. I want this blog to reflect my gleaning of God’s work in my life- gradually gathered, bit by bit.

Things I love: laughing, dogs, my nephews, giggling fits with my sister, shopping, good design, little pretty details, Anthropologie, the slippery and colorful paper of magazines, and of course, Target.

I’d love to hear from you!